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  1. Goat Management
    This is a silly, and simple question. what kind of kelp do you give to help with zinc deficiency’s? I’ve heard it can help, but I’m not sure where to buy from or if there’s a specific kind. thanks in advance.
  2. Health & Wellness
    Hi everyone. So I know someone on here recommended kelp for wethers to help prevent UC? I’m guessing this is because of the sheer amount of calcium in it. I just wanted advice on the minerals from the kelp in the picture. Is this too much when compared to the phosphorus? Currently my pets are...
  3. Goat Management
    I am trying to bump up my goats minerals by offering minerals free choice what I have read is that along with minerals I should offer kelp but it is so expensive! Is there anything else I can use other than kelp that will be good for them? Anything I can grow and dry for over the winter that...
  4. Goat Management
    Hi, guys! I was wondering... Whenever I give our goats kelp, the gulp it all down in less than 10 minutes, and we have 3 mineral feeders, and only 6 goats(2 not interested in kelp that much, so that's 4)! I was wondering if they are deficient, eating too much kelp, or if it is an alright thing...
1-4 of 4 Results