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  1. Health & Wellness
    So as some of you know, we just picked up a bottle baby today. The breeder we got her from had her on replacer which I planned to switch her from, but I wanted to take it slow. Now I’m not sure. she’s been grinding her teeth a ton since she got home about 3-4 hours ago. She was just disbudded...
  2. Kidding Koral
    So we’re expecting to hopefully pick up our bottle baby on the weekend. Currently the breeder is feeding replacer, but based on what I’ve read it causes more problems than not. So how do I transition? Do I mix milk with the replacer slowly, or just switch over immediately? From my knowledge she...
  3. Kidding Koral
    Hello. I have a question regarding bottle babies and grain. Very long story short, I have 4 Nigerian Dwarf bottle babies (3 will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday and the other will be 3 weeks old on Thursday). I put out a tiny bit of daily grains and a bit of orchard grass/grass hay/alfalfa which...
1-3 of 3 Results