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kiko buck
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  1. Goats For Sale
    I am looking to purchase 50 goats, 2 of which i'd like to be bucks. I am also looking for Kiko breed goats or possibly boer/spanish goats. These goats will be used to eat up a 10 acre forested land on our property.
  2. Waiting Room
    We are expecting 2018 kids!!!!! It has been a long wait to finally see some does progress and show signs that the are pregnant! So far Lizzy, Ella, Athena, Briar, and Elena are expecting and due to deliver sometime in February! Today I have felt kicks from Elena, Athena, and Lizzy! Strangely...
  3. Goats For Sale
    Hello from Stookey Goat Farm. We have several bucks and bucklings to choose from and a couple of does. We have 100% New Zealand, Purebreds, and crosses. For pictures and prices please see Thanks for looking!
1-3 of 3 Results