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  1. Pack and Working Goats
    Hello, does anyone have experience with kiko/alpine crosses for packing? The hardiness, easy birthing, easy to keep feet, and parasite resistance of the kiko crossed with a large athletic alpine sounds good on paper to me. Wondering if anyone can back this idea up or discard it?
  2. Meat Market
    So my herd is mostly all Kiko. I love them so far, but have yet to get into the meat market side for them. I'm still breeding and hoping to up my numbers soon just for this. Have any advice for them as far as a meat goat? Any good methods for feeding or tips for getting them larger faster? What...
  3. Introductions
    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been working with goats and other animals (sheep/cattle/pigs/turkeys/geese/chickens) on an intensive-rotational-grazing operation for the last five+ years, have been keeping my own goats for the last 15 months, and have been milking one of them...
  4. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hello! I'm still somewhat newish to goat raising. My herd is mostly Kiko! (All Kiko and one Nubian hand down ) Was just curious on general Kiko Goat growth. I have my main girl, who is 4years now and is full adult size. Her two daughters, both 1 years and 4 months, aren't quite as big as her...
  5. Health & Wellness
    I recently purchased Purina Goat mineral (for all life stages). Prior to this one, I was using MannaPro. I wanted to ask what color the contents are supposed to be? I opened my bag and everything seemed really orange. ManaPro obviously has a grayish color and I used it all the time before. I...
  6. Hi!

    Hi, my name is Cathy and I’m new to Goating. We have two female Nubian/Alpine mix doelings and a You g Pygmy wether. We got them mainly for forage as we live on a 30 acre farm which has been overgrown with every thorny, nasty, invasive viney plant known to mankind, lol!!! We want to clear...
  7. Beginners Goat Raising
    I had the pleasure of having 7 kids be borned this year! I am fairly new to keeping goats. This is my 2nd year having kids. (Last year I only had 2 doelings be borned). Got 3 Doelings and 4 Bucklings this year. So I am big time, looking for some advice for my bucklings. Let me start with...
  8. Goat Conformation
    Hello! Still fairly new to the goat world, and I just had my 2nd kidding this year. Got 7 babies! And oddly enough, I have 1 kid with folded erect type ears, and 2 others that have 1 floppy ear and one erect style ear. I personally think its cute! But for breeding purposes, are they undesirable?
  9. Waiting Room
    We are expecting 2018 kids!!!!! It has been a long wait to finally see some does progress and show signs that the are pregnant! So far Lizzy, Ella, Athena, Briar, and Elena are expecting and due to deliver sometime in February! Today I have felt kicks from Elena, Athena, and Lizzy! Strangely...
  10. Meat Market
    I'm trying to figure out what to look for as far as build and muscle and stature and on and on... in a good commercial boer herd sire. I want any and all advice and or knowledge that somone can offer. Nothing is too minor of a detail. Let's just say...i don't know ANYTHING about anything. We'll...
  11. Waiting Room
    Her time is coming...Isn't she lovely for a five year old doe??? Such a beautiful udder! I'd love to have triplets...all doelings :girl::girl::girl: I'd keep every one :leap:
  12. Birth Announcements
    Three 50/50 Kiko/Boer cross. Two doelings, one buckling. All VIGOROUS!!!:stars:
  13. Meat Market
    Does anyone have a Nubian/Kiko cross? If you doe, would you mind posting some pictures of them? I'ld Like to get a Nubian doe sometime, and would like to see, in general, how the kids turn out!
  14. Goat Management
    What are the opinions on the Kiko registries? (AKGA, IKGA, NKR,) I'ld do either IKGA or NKR, as I'm in Canada. I think IKGA has more benefits, from what I can see, but a lot of people are very happy with NKR. :confused:
  15. Goat Management
    What is your opinions on Registered, papered goats? A waste of money or a good idea? I'm hoping to get Registered,PB, Kiko buck in a couple years...but they have a real nice price tag:)
  16. Introductions
    I am Joshua, together with my wife Misti and our 6 children we are raising kids. Our ranch is Oak Haven Goats. We are in Claremore, Oklahoma. We are new to ranching (first generation) so far we are having fun learning about all the different aspects of raising goats. Besides nubian we...
  17. Introductions
    Reading posts from all over has been great! We've been raising Kiko and Kiko cross meat goats since 2000. Small acreage with goats, a Great Pyr-Tillie, farm yard dogs Daisy and Roy, Angus heifers, and some laying hens. Howdy from Hillbilly Livestock!
  18. Introductions
    I just wanted to put up a short post to introduce myself. I have been a member for a while, but we just came through kidding and have been extremely busy. We raise registered and commercial Kiko meat goats. We started out small, with only two registered does and one 50/50 boer/kiko doe. We...
  19. Health & Wellness
    I am new to goats, i got a boar and a kiko 2 months ago and while the boar is very healthy looking the kiko has been steadly loosing weight... i figured it was worms so i got some pellet dewormer at tractor supply and once i gave him that he started having diarrhea... i didnt know if that was...
1-19 of 19 Results