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  1. Sheep
    Hi there! I have been searching for hours daily about what to do in regards to our lamb that’s having diarrhea. She is still active, alert, starting to jump around and run, and she is taking her milk like a champ. (She is 5 days old, has been bottle fed from birth, and started off on colostrum...
  2. Sheep
    Solomon is a katahdin lamb born Feb 20th. A little over 6 months later, he's huge. His bigger than his mom, Pixie and almost as big as his dad, Jacob. From left to right. Jacob, Solomon, Pixie. Pixie looking at camera:
  3. Sheep
    Hey all, someone called wife a little while ago needing to find a home for a lamb or two. The person is not sure. Wife went with her to meet person with lam or lambs. Two days old, no story about why, no anything. Just treat as I would a new bottle baby kid?
1-3 of 3 Results