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  1. Sheep
    Solomon is a katahdin lamb born Feb 20th. A little over 6 months later, he's huge. His bigger than his mom, Pixie and almost as big as his dad, Jacob. From left to right. Jacob, Solomon, Pixie. Pixie looking at camera:
  2. Sheep
    Hey all, someone called wife a little while ago needing to find a home for a lamb or two. The person is not sure. Wife went with her to meet person with lam or lambs. Two days old, no story about why, no anything. Just treat as I would a new bottle baby kid?
  3. Barter & Trade
    I lost my Blackbelly-mutt ewe to a wild animal while out for breeding (suspect a bear), and I and my mom miss her. My mom makes cheese, so I thought it would be fun to replace Rosie with a 2014 dairy breed/cross ewe lamb somewhere around April 1st (her birthday). I can bottlefeed. I would be...
1-3 of 3 Results