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  1. Precious Protectors
    I'm wondering what brand of dog food you feed you LGDs? We are currently feeding Sportmix Wholesomes Large Breed dog food and it's reasonably priced, but we are always looking for ways to cut costs. They are so huge and they eat so much of it that it feels like we are constantly running out!
  2. Precious Protectors
    Our Great Pyrenees LGD Buck got ran over, had to have a surgery to fix a ruptured bladder, and now is having to have a surgery to fix his leg. He has always been an outside dog, but in order to keep him from messing up his leg again, we will probably bring him inside. We will be able to look...
  3. Precious Protectors
    My plan was to start out with one female Anatolian and eventually asses whether we need to get another once this one is more on the way toward... active duty I'm gonna say. Alright so I know they are different than house pets and all that, but I cannot conceive of while it's a puppy being...
1-3 of 3 Results