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livestock guardian dogs
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  1. Precious Protectors
    Since I'm getting a small herd of does really soon I'm going to need a LGD to keep everyone safe. Since I'm a small homestead I am working on a budget. A large part of my budget went to fencing and building shelters. How much should I expect to spend on a LGD puppy? I'm in California if that...
  2. Precious Protectors
    Last night, our doe Pigeon presented us with 3 beautiful kids, 1 buckling and 2 doelings. I knew she was close because Besi, our latest mama in waiting parked herself in front of Pigeons pen yesterday afternoon and started growling off the pups when they wandered too close. She didn't even want...
  3. Other Animals For Sale
    We have a beautiful litter of purebred registered 12 week old Maremma Guardian Puppies for sale. They are started with chickens, goats and sheep. You can visit them at We do not know how we would sleep a night without these guardians to protect our...
1-3 of 3 Results