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    I feed him 3 pounds Jacoby's red tag, 1 pound fitter 35 supplements. I run him about 6 times back and forth, and stand him on two bricks for at least 30 minutes. what are some suggestions and tips you have? how does he look in your opinion? I also included a video of him.
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    Boer show wether -born in mid February -Sired by 2BBT WINCHESTER (sired class winner at 2012 North American) -have been dehorned call or text (502)330-1745
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    Hello! I'm fairly new to the world of FFA and livestock shows, and I'm looking for some tips on bracing my goat. I've got a market goat, and my first show's in mid February. I'm not entirely sure how to brace, and I can't find much on the web. If anyone's got any links to good videos that help...