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  1. Parasites
    I just got out microscope today. I's 3am. We have a goat w scours for a week. I have the McMasters slides on the way. I need help Identifying what I am looking at please?
  2. Health & Wellness
    OK, my herd has grown and I am ready to learn to do my own fecals. I would like to do them more often and if I had the correct microscope I would tackle it. My problem is this..every time I start to research microscopes I am overwhelmed with choices. Does anyone have one they would recommend...
  3. Goat Management
    I'd like to get a microscope to do my own fecals since it will pay for itself within a year. I'm curious as to which one other goat people choose. I will be using it for fecals and some blood work when necessary. Any preferences out there?
1-3 of 3 Results