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milk withdrawal

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  1. Parasites
    Update: found the answer. Up to 40 days. Eek. So, going natural. One of my pretty girls has mites, thanks to bringing a new doe home so I've started treating with agri-mectin injectable. I ended up separating everyone out in our 2 goat houses and haven't injected the few that are due within in...
  2. Goat Management
    I'm about to treat both of my lactating does chemically for barber pole worm, and I am wondering if I can leave the babies on mom all night during the milk withdrawal time instead of milking them out in the morning and just having to throw the milk away. If I leave the kids on overnight and...
  3. Health & Wellness
    Had to start Ditza on LA 200 for an infection. I scanned the internet and came up with milk withdrawal possibly as 96 hours after the last dose. Can anyone confirm this?
1-3 of 3 Results