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    Hi guys! first time doe gave birth to healthy twins today! She’s doing great, eating, drinking, moving, taking care of the kids But when she’s laying down, she’s breathing very fast... then laying flat down still breathing fast. Is this something I should worry about?
  2. Health & Wellness
    My doe may or may not be pregnant. I have ordered a P-Test. Pictures attached! This is why I think she may be pregnant: - Her stomach is getting big fast - Her udder is starting to grow into last years kidding size - She's pawing and laying down A LOT - She's bigger on her right side (which I...
  3. Health & Wellness
    These streets the trips born yesterday.
  4. Hulia in 2014

    Hulia in 2014

    She pregnant with 3 kid
  5. Martha in 2015

    Martha in 2015

    Pregnant with one kid
  6. Momma Martha and her crazy son

    Momma Martha and her crazy son

  7. Photogenic
    She finally made the great adventure away from her kids :)