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  1. Goat Frenzy
    Everyone loves a good fainting goat video. Here's a couple of my fainters doing what they do best
  2. Goat Frenzy
    I hope that we get a new area fenced for just the boys soon, but they both became mature at the same time and are now forever head butting each other until their heads bleed. Is this normal? I thought you could keep two bucks together that were raised together their whole life. They are 6 months...
  3. Birth Announcements
    She was born yesterday at about 5 pm! First time mom is Boo because of the bug-eyed look and being a fainting goat. :) Name suggestions?? I am so excited that this one cam out with the cute perky ears :)
  4. Health & Wellness
    We are new to this goat breeding thing - we have myotonic fainting goats and just found out from our vet why our little female goat is having problems peeing at 3 months. Turns out she is a hermaphrodite. The little penis is sticking out and up from the vagina. Now, the vet said she is fully...
  5. Birth Announcements
    Here is our first baby goat ever- a doeling keeper. A total surprise a week after buying our first goats ever. I need to think of a name. I like the names to either be based on a stand out physical feature or be a play on words with a celebrity name or something. I.E. Derek Bleater instead of...
  6. Pack and Working Goats
    Hi! I am looking for resources-- books, websites, advice... To start with training our twin boys. I have lots of dog training experience and plan to use a clicker, but not sure what basics to begin with for behaviours? What is the 'sit, stay, come' of goat training? Right now we are just...
  7. Goat Management
    Hi all, my name is Brandi. This is my first year as a goat owner, so far loving it! I do believe I was unknowingly sold a pregnant goat! She's gotten quite a lot bigger in the month I've had her and I don't know how to tell if she's pregnant or not? She is a myotonic 4 year old doe. About 60...
  8. New Member Introductions
    I am Joshua, together with my wife Misti and our 6 children we are raising kids. Our ranch is Oak Haven Goats. We are in Claremore, Oklahoma. We are new to ranching (first generation) so far we are having fun learning about all the different aspects of raising goats. Besides nubian we...
1-9 of 9 Results