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  1. Goat Frenzy
    Alright, folks! It's the calendar you've all been waiting for! Each year the North American Packgoat Association puts out a calendar to raise packgoat awareness, packgoat appreciation, and much-needed funds to keep public lands open to packgoats. Packgoats have been subject to discrimination in...
  2. Pack and Working Goats
    Hi! I am going through a stage where I am obsessed with pack goats, so I want to educate myself a little, so IF I do get a couple, I will know at least the basics So here are a few questions: Can i use wethered Nigerian dwarf crosses? Do yall build you'r own little "carts" that go behind them...
  3. Pack and Working Goats
    Let's gather and celebrate Goat-Packing! North American Pack Goat Association NAPgA Rendezvous Thursday June 25-Sunday June 28 Who: Pack goat enthusiasts of all ages, goats welcome too! Dogs allowed if kept under control at all times. Dates: Thursday June 25-Sunday June 28 Cost: Free! Donations...
1-3 of 3 Results