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new goat
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  1. Goat Frenzy
    hey guys. we got a new goat. she is 8 and is in milk. here are pics Her name is Patience.
  2. Health & Wellness
    I picked up a new doe and her doeling, who is about 6 weeks old, on Sunday. They were both sweet and happy and healthy, only about a 20 minute ride home so not super stressful. Late in the day Sunday I noticed mama had clumpy poop, so I gave her probios because that's what always helps my...
  3. Goat Management
    My husband bought two new goats yesterday at sale barn. They are both probably 3 months old. They appear to be Boer and Kiko mixes. They are not from the same herd. My husband dewormed (I cannot reason with him about this) and gave them Power Drench yesterday when he got them home. The boy has...
  4. Beginners Goat Raising
    I have had a wether (pygmy) and a doe (nigerian dwarf) for the past 6 years. My wether passed away from reoccurring urinary calculi a week ago. He was the boss of the two goats, but they grazed together and slept in the same area without a problem. Since I thought that having just one goat...
  5. Beginners Goat Raising
    I posted this on another forum with poor results, hoping this group is a little more knowledgeable. A few things going on here. I have always wanted some goats because they make me laugh. I just like them. I don't need milk, meat or to sell them or anything. I just like them. Recently, I was...
  6. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hi, I am reading and learning about taking care of goats (being specific, Nubians), but have a few questions. They will be pet/diary goats. 1. What should a healthy goat eat? Can they eat pellets? What type of hay can they have? 2. I really don't want my male goats to breed with the does...
1-6 of 6 Results