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nigerian bucks
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  1. Waiting Room
    Hello, I am new here. I have 2 goats. Male & female. My husband fixed our male goat. However, we are new to raising goats and I'm almost positive he left a testicle behind. Reason being, our female appears to be pregnant. She has never kidded before, she has developed udders. I am able to...
  2. Goats For Sale
    Purebred Nigerian Dwarf kids for sale, 1 doeling and 2 bucklings (wethers upon request), born 1/25/18 and 1/31/18. All very friendly and handled daily. Both moms are excellent milk producers. Can be registered. Call for more info: (805)990-1926
  3. Bucks
    Hello! I have two adult nigerian dwarf bucks that I love to death, but to be honest, I can't stand the smell anymore and I'm not breeding them so why am I making myself suffer? They're both about 2 years old. Would you suggest banding or surgical? If banding, would a vet do that kind of thing...
  4. Mini Mania
    Hi, I have four registered nigerian does in Battle Ground, WA. I am looking for a registered nigerian dwarf buck to breed two of them this fall/winter. They are both Camanna does and quite lovely. They have been tested for CAE and do not leave our farm. If anyone in the SW Washington/NW...
  5. Goats For Sale
    Maryland's Scout is a beautiful Nigerian Dwarf buck. Sweet boy with great conformation. Black and white with blue eyes, out of Tempting Willows stock. All of their goats have done wonderfully at shows. DOB 5/1/2011 He has sired several kids, some with blue eyes. $250 firm
  6. Goat Frenzy
    Meet "J-Nels L Wade Hampton" (ADGA registration pending) He is my newest addition, I am exited about this little guy because of GCH genetics on his dam's side and high milk production genetics on his sire's.
  7. Goats For Sale
    Gray, long haired ND/Pygmy mix buck of uncertain age-Rufus; he was a 'rescue' off of craigslist and a package deal with two other Pygmy does. He does have horns and has not been descented. He's been with our females since the beginning of Nov and has performed as expected. He's a smart one...
  8. Goat Management
    I, as a rule, breed purebred Nubians and American Guernseys, but I have a customer interested in Mini-Nubians from me next year. So I'm considering breeding a couple of young Nubians to a Nigerian this fall (or a good quality Mini?). Question #1 It wasn't as clear as I would have liked on the...
1-8 of 8 Results