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nigerian doe for sale
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    Persephone Born March 4, 2021 Herd CAE/Johnnes Clear Please contact us for more information if you are interested
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    Purebred Nigerian Dwarf kids for sale, 1 doeling and 2 bucklings (wethers upon request), born 1/25/18 and 1/31/18. All very friendly and handled daily. Both moms are excellent milk producers. Can be registered. Call for more info: (805)990-1926
  3. Goats For Sale
    Our groovy Central Maine Farm still has 3 doelings that need a new home. I'd LOVE to keep all three of them, but we just don't have the room right now. Luna is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf registered with ADGA. Her dam is a great little milker with nice sized teats. Luna is well mannered and...
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    Red Rail Farm Pattycake, 5 yr old chamoisee doe in milk. Still nursing her 2014 doeling. This is her third freshening. Very sweet doe, good mama, excellent pedigree. $100 /$150 bred / $300 with her doeling. SS: Saguaro Money Matters Sire: Odeon MM Riley SD: Dusty Bear GD...
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    I purchased two registered Nigerian Dwarf does and a couple days after bringing them home noticed they had sore mouth pretty bad. I always quarantine new goats that I bring home, so thankfully my other goats have not been exposed. They had kidded the day before I brought them home, but the kids...
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    Beautiful ADGA registered dam and daughter for sale! Dam- Rockstar Ranch Athena (Rockstar Ranch Apache x Old Mountain Farm Nyx), exposed to Twisted Vines Incredible Finn (Pholia Farm RI Edith x Pholia Farm CA MR Incredible). Beautiful red and white first freshening doe (now dried off)...
1-6 of 6 Results