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  1. Stubby with his harness

    Trying to train our babies to wear their harness
  2. Popcorn and Stubby

    My babies sleeping. Well they were sleeping until I walked in the pen to take a picture lol
  3. My son playing with the goat babies

    My son absolutely loves the goats, ,He plays with them brushes them runs with them and gives them treats :)
  4. Baby Stubby getting food

    Stubby is too small to get food from the feeder so he jumps in it haha
  5. The babies

    My two Nigerian dwarf goats relaxing
  6. Beginners Goat Raising
    So we got two baby nigerian dwarf goat bucks, they are supposed to both be 4 months old but I think that our little white one is quite a bit younger. He's very small compared to our black one, Popcorn. He looked for his mama for about a week when he got here, it was very sad. He has a smaller...
  7. Health & Wellness
    This morning I found one of my doelings dead. Her eyelids, super pale, no color, whatsoever. I dewormed my herd because they all seemed to have slightly low FAMANCHA score. I dewormed with cydectin, safeguard, and I did a 5 day Corid treatment. They all seem to be doing well, but I still...
  8. Beginners Goat Raising
    So I have been tossing around the idea of getting a Nigerian Dwarf doe. My daughter cannot show our wethers next year in 4H and if I get a doe she can potentially show that animal for the next 4 yrs. I will save money and I also don't run into the problem of not being able to put them on the...
  9. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hello and thanks in advance for any help. I recently welcome twin Nigerian Baby Dwarf goats to the family. They are siblings born on the 24th of March. They have been with me for a week now and are taking the bottle fine. They are both doing about 24-28 ounces of milk a day. The Doe's stool is...
  10. Baby goats

    11 day old baby Boys
  11. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hey all, I was planning to get a pair of ND wethers to keep as companion animals. All the information I could find suggested that I bottle feed the babies ASAP, so they bond to me. I also read that it can be really difficult to get a dam raised baby to take a bottle. I was planning to get them...
  12. 1/2 month until she kids!

    My goat Squeaks, pregnant with kids. Squeaks was born 2/27/2017, and is due 2/15/2020!
  13. Mini Mania
    Hello fellow goat people! I’ve been running into a lot of trouble getting my Nigerian Dwarf (Gracie) bred. We have tried at least 4-5 times to breed her and have had no success. The first couple times we attempted to breed her (Yes, we knew she was in heat) were strange. We drove her to the...
  14. Introductions
    Hello fellow goat owners! I currently own four goats (including two Nigerian Dwarf does, one Nubian/Pygmy cross whether and another Nubian/Pygmy doe.) as well as a bunch of other different animals on a small homestead in New Jersey, USA. I love goats and I am always looking to learn more about...
  15. Health & Wellness
    Hello, I have a 2 1/2 week old female Nigerian Dwarf Goat (Pet/bottle baby) who has been to the vet for diarrhea, not eating, weakness and lethargy and he prescribed her meds for Coccidia and de-wormer. First he injected her with B-Complex and Thiamine just in case of Goat Polio (she had a...
1-20 of 27 Results