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nigerian dwarf buck
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  1. Mini Mania
    Hello fellow goat people! I’ve been running into a lot of trouble getting my Nigerian Dwarf (Gracie) bred. We have tried at least 4-5 times to breed her and have had no success. The first couple times we attempted to breed her (Yes, we knew she was in heat) were strange. We drove her to the...
  2. Introductions
    Hello fellow goat owners! I currently own four goats (including two Nigerian Dwarf does, one Nubian/Pygmy cross whether and another Nubian/Pygmy doe.) as well as a bunch of other different animals on a small homestead in New Jersey, USA. I love goats and I am always looking to learn more about...
  3. Goats For Sale
    Looking for homes for these two sweet brother bucklings. Dam raised but have been handled by 4-H kids since day one. Both are disbudded, will be ADGA registered and tattooed before purchase. Both Mom and Dad pedigree came from Dragonfly Farm. Would like to sell together but will separate if you...
  4. Goats For Sale
    Purebred Nigerian Dwarf kids for sale, 1 doeling and 2 bucklings (wethers upon request), born 1/25/18 and 1/31/18. All very friendly and handled daily. Both moms are excellent milk producers. Can be registered. Call for more info: (805)990-1926
  5. Goats For Sale
    Name: Three Havens Miracle Max DOB: 4/18/2012 Genetics: Max has been the most influential buck in our herd. He has given us years of beautiful kids, and many quality doelings. Max's daughter is our most correct and highest producing doe -- she peaks at over a quart per milking. Having retained...
1-5 of 5 Results