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north carolina

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    Round Mountain Creamery is a mid sized goat dairy located in Black Mountain, NC. Our farm is getting ready for the 2019 kidding season. This year we're expecting 40 Alpine and 10 LaMancha kids in March and 16 Alpine and 40 LaMancha kids in April (These expectations are based on an average of two...
  2. Waiting Room
    I've got 3 does due in March, 3 in April, and 1-2 in June! I can't wait!!! Last year my average was 3 per doe!!! (unfortunately 8 out of 11 were bucklings :-?
  3. Goats For Sale
    I am looking into buying an Alpine buck. I would like a buck who is at least a year old, disbudded, friendly, has good bloodlines and registered with the ADGA. I would also like to add some color to our herd so cou blanc would be nice but we will take any color.