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  1. Goat Conformation
    I only know enough about conformation to tell when a goat is really low quality. I'm not even looking for pros and cons, more... information on this little one. She's mostly a pet but I do plan to milk her so what kinds of kids can I expect? KW Farms Dipped in Rubies Age: 11 mos 10 days
  2. Business Buzz
    Dear community I am running a non-for-profit online community for Ukrainian goat keepers. We just celebrated 2 years anniversary on 19th Nov :) All is going good, we often read your forum and discuss information found here - I think this is amazing! Thanks to volunteer translators. As you...
  3. Goat Conformation
    Hello fellow goat lovers! (: I would like some second opinions on my little PB Nigerian Dwarf doe, Sugar Brook Demi Quinn (Dam-Sunnywood Brie, Sire-Maine Second Wind Nemo Quinn). She is about 6 months old now, but the pictures here were taken from over the summer when she was being shown (sorry...
  4. Goat Frenzy
    Decided to keep this doeling, Twisted Vines IF Arpeggio. She is the first doe I've kept with my own herd name. She is a pure bred Nigerian dwarf and I am hoping she will do well in the show ring :) I think I like her, but I'd like some more opinions on her.... in the first picture her rump...
1-4 of 4 Results