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  1. 4H/FFA Corner
    I live in Oregon and I have a show tomorrow. My adviser said that I can use a scrapie ear tag from the school for now but he wasn't sure if I needed one or not. I live in Oregon, and I have a Nigerian Dwarf doe. I won't be selling her. I just need to know if I need to put one in or not. If I...
  2. Precious Protectors
    I have enough LGDs and can part with one. Choice of either a 6 month female or a coming 2 yr old male. Both pure white, both Mar/Ana crosses, both used to chickens, goats, horse, cat, small dogs, people, leash trained etc. They do amazing work. Contact me via email [email protected] and leave...
  3. Business Review Forum
    Hi Everyone I once read on this forum that if there is a problem with a breeder, the vast membership here might be able to help. I have two purebred nubian goats from (well what I thought was) a friend of mine. She moved to the Salem, Oregon area and now is not communicating with me when I...
1-3 of 3 Results