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  1. Pack and Working Goats
    I have for sale an original wooden goat cart with a single tree. It is in excellent shape. The bicycle wheels have rust on them and could easily be painted or replaced cheaply. If you'd like an original this is a very nice cart. I think it looks much nicer than the metal ones. Ohio $250
  2. Pack and Working Goats
    Hi! I have one 4-H Pack Goat that I take hiking in my area. I live in Idaho and I was wondering if I need any documents or anything when we go on hikes. I tried looking it up but couldn't find anything. Do you need any documents for transporting pack goats in your state? Even better if you know...
  3. Pack and Working Goats
    Oberhasli goat kids for sale- All kids are bottle raised and love people. Bred for pack and dairy- temperament, easy, productive hand milking, strong bones and conformation. All kids and dams have been acclimated to hiking and following, in preparation for packing or foraging. Available...
  4. Pack Goat Gear
    Soft pack saddle for sale. Used but still in good condition. Includes a cinch, rain fly, and padded chest straps. We also have 2 halters, and 2 smaller cinch straps that come with the pack. $200 (which includes shipping). Located in Helena, Montana.
  5. Pack and Working Goats
    I have two Boer/dairy cross wethers that I am training to pack, they are two years old. They are solid, responsive, loyal boys and I don't want to just sell them but I had to move back to the city and the place I've been keeping them is about to become unavailable to me. I need to find a place...
1-5 of 5 Results