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  1. Parasites
    I just got out microscope today. I's 3am. We have a goat w scours for a week. I have the McMasters slides on the way. I need help Identifying what I am looking at please?
  2. Parasites
    Found some cute little squiggly friends in one of my gals poop. Treated immediately with safeguard (fenbendazole) because it's the wormer I had on hand. Any idea what it is or where I go from here? Was safeguard a good choice? Also is this something that can infect my dogs? As always thanks...
  3. Parasites
    Doing a fecal today and I saw a crazy looking dude that I've never seen before. It looks like a dinosaur egg. It was larger than a barberpole worm and I only saw one. Any ideas what it is? I was thinking maybe fasciola hepatica or paramphistomum cervi.
  4. Parasites
    I did the first fecal exam I have ever done in my life. Is it weird that I had fun?:lolgoat: Well I think I identified the worm eggs I saw, but I thought I'd see if I was correct. So barber pole worm egg? : And would this, to the right of the pin, slightly out of focus, a coccidia oosyst...
1-4 of 4 Results