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  1. Goat Frenzy
    So back in January, I got a mini horse, she's super cute and super sweet, but now she's not letting my goats ANYWHERE near the hay. I'm not able to feed them outside anymore because she comes over and tries to kick or bite them to get them away. so in the barn they go, to eat! also of them...
  2. Waiting Room
    Last year was our first kidding experience ever. Everything went off with out a hitch and we had a 100% success rate.... and the bar was set. This season has been one obstacle after another. I mean a crash course in everything goat. We managed to buy CL and Johnes, (we separated the healthy...
  3. Goat Management we thought Shavings in our pens because growing up, hubby had horses and it was just easier to keep clean...but when vet came by last year he said something about it not being good for some reason, I can't remember why, for goats and it wasn't because of it getting in their eyes or...
1-3 of 3 Results