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  1. Pigs
    Just picked up two female potbelly pigs yesterday, and today we put them with my goats to see how they’d do. The girls (pigs) don’t seem to care at all about the goats, and just want to eat, sleep, and get scratches. The goats however, are deciding that I’ll be their protecter and are hiding...
  2. Pigs
    I am always so grateful for The GOAT Spot, especially when I can ask questions about other critters! :love: We bought three Tamworth cross hogs about one month ago, about 35-55 pounds. They were all doing fantastic until yesterday. We spent some time in the big pig two days ago, pulling...
  3. Pigs
    Several years ago our company produced a film for PBS called “The Natural History of the Chicken.” It was a film that celebrated the chicken and its relationship to people. Now we have been asked to do more. We are developing a new PBS Special that celebrates pigs and the relationships they...
1-3 of 3 Results