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  1. Waiting Room
    Hey all! My girl came back from being bred in late August/Early September! I was wondering if she looks like she was bred, and if her "pooch" looks as such? It seems as if she has a bit of an udder forming as well.
  2. Goat Frenzy
    Any thoughts on these girls Black ones name is mama White ones name is ro Thank you New to the pooch test
  3. Waiting Room
    My doe would be expecting between aug 6-22nd. The 6th marked 3 weeks after kidding and the 22nd would be for the last day I had a buck. Please no bad comments about her being with a buck, I know now that a buck shouldnt be kept like that with does. Last image is her post kidding back in...
  4. Kidding Koral
    Hi, I am hoping for some pooch test experts to take a look at 2 of my ND does and offer their opinion. We have only had them for 2 weeks and have limited information regarding their exposure to bucks. We know one was exposed to a buck pretty routinely up until the last week of January. The...
  5. Goat Management
    These are my 2 goats I am wondering if you think they are preggo. Daisy Penny:
  6. Waiting Room
    OK, I am new on this sight. I have boer doe that has just been keeping me waiting for so long. I was wonder if there was anything that I could do besides ( send in blood ) to see if she was bred?? I have heard of the pooch test but didn't know how accurate it was. Please help! TIA:sleeping:
  7. Kidding Koral
    So I bought two new reg. Nigi does today, Yay! the woman I got them from said they ran with a buck from Sep.- the end of Nov. Then again from end of Dec- end of Jan. so I have no clue if they are bred or if how far along, Arrrg. I took some pooch pics any thoughts? First 2 pics is Honey second...
  8. Kidding Koral
    Hi everyone. I bred my Nigerian Dwarf x doe on Nov 1-3 when she was in heat. I saw buck service her on the 1st and 3rd. I haven't seen her in heat since then, but I'm not sure if she's bred or not. I would love some of your opinions and advice. She's 2 yrs old and she's a FF if she's she is...
  9. Goat Frenzy
    Okay I'm going to get straight to it I have a TON of pics. Annabelle came to us Feb 1. She was with a Nubian buck from December 19 to January 12 on Jan 13 she was moved into a Lamancha Bucks pen and that's where she stayed until Feb 1 On Febuary 19 about I went to let her out of the barn and...
1-9 of 9 Results