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  1. Precious Protectors
    Since I'm getting a small herd of does really soon I'm going to need a LGD to keep everyone safe. Since I'm a small homestead I am working on a budget. A large part of my budget went to fencing and building shelters. How much should I expect to spend on a LGD puppy? I'm in California if that...
  2. Other Animals For Sale
    Beautiful Full Blooded Great Pyrenees Puppies- SOLD! 7 Full blooded Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Puppies- ALL SOLD! Beautiful and Healthy- 3 female, 4 male- born July 20, 2014. Some all white and some with badger markings. Our males are as follows: Pilot with mostly full badger face...
  3. Other Animals For Sale
    My goof... I realized I placed the ad for the upcoming litter in the wrong forum section. Soooo...:o I'm re-posting here. Maremma puppies due October 1st Taking Deposits now Visit the link for the new webpages being built (photos, terms, etc):thumbup:
  4. Precious Protectors
    :baby: Maremma Puppies due October 1st, 2013 :boy: Hi everyone, wanted to let you know Sophia is expecting approx. 6-9 puppies. We aretaking deposits. As of 8/29/13 three are reserved. We can ship airfreight or delivery drive. Visit the webpage showing photos, etc...
  5. Other Animals For Sale
    We have 6 puppies for sale. 3 males and 3 females. The females are $250. Each puppy has their own unique collar. Teal - she is shy and has quite straight hair with some fluff to it. (laying down) Hot pink - she is very adventurous. (facing the camera) Pink - she is the runt of the litter, but...
  6. Other Pets
    Duke and Walter were found dumped at about 2 months old. They were full of worms, ridden with fleas, and were very sick. We believe that would have been their last day of life. We were coming home with 2 livestock guardian puppies and a goat in our car, when my Mom said, "Those were either...
  7. Other Animals For Sale
    SoAnyone in the west TN area want a large sweet puppy? Wiggy, my St. Bernard has 12 puppies and they are definitely ready to go! The dad is a full bred lab and mom is full bred St. Bernard. :) Some people call them Labernards, lol.