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  1. Kidding Koral
    So we have a doe that's a little over a year old, we aren't sure when she was bred but we know she's pregnant. She's acting really close but she seems to start and stop, she was having contractions for a few nights but she hasn't had any in a couple of days. She seems to make a lot of progress...
  2. Goat Management
    I have twins that I am wanting to wean. I have sold the soon to be wether but he hasn’t left quite yet and for the doeling, I will be keeping her. I am wondering how I should go about weaning. They are about 13 weeks old. My main question is how long do I keep them separate from mom? I have...
  3. Goat Frenzy
    so we have 2 ff's. there udders are pretty small even though they have good milking lines. Do there bags get bigger during the second kidding or do they stay the same size?
  4. Pigs
    Just picked up two female potbelly pigs yesterday, and today we put them with my goats to see how they’d do. The girls (pigs) don’t seem to care at all about the goats, and just want to eat, sleep, and get scratches. The goats however, are deciding that I’ll be their protecter and are hiding...
  5. Waiting Room
    So, today I noticed my first freshener, MoonPie, developing an udder. Two days ago she had absolutely nothing, and now she definitely has a bag. I didn't expect her to kid until around April or May, but my breeding dates may be wrong. Is developing an udder a sure sign of kidding in the next...
  6. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hello! I'm still somewhat newish to goat raising. My herd is mostly Kiko! (All Kiko and one Nubian hand down ) Was just curious on general Kiko Goat growth. I have my main girl, who is 4years now and is full adult size. Her two daughters, both 1 years and 4 months, aren't quite as big as her...
  7. Horses
    I am going to get a horse and I'm wondering what kind of hay to feed it. I've heard some people say Alfalfa, some say Burmuda, and others say Grass Hay. Also, is it NECESSARY for my horse to have grain? They don't have it in the wild. ;-) I really appreciate it...
  8. Health & Wellness
    My goat has been banding for a while now. His testicles are starting to fall off now. The band has cut into the skin. Should I just leave it alone or should I put something on them?
  9. Goat Frenzy
    My goat, Anna Beth, is four months pregnant and I'm anxious to know how many babies she's carrying. Unfortunately, I only have a pic of when she was one month pregnant, but I am attaching it so you might be able to tell.
  10. Transport Terminal
    Hi, i will be picking up a nubian bottle baby from WI in a few weeks, and i would like to know when we go to pick kher up from the airport, what do we need to bring with us?
  11. Other Pets
    We have a pregnant cat and have no idea how far along she is, because she is a stray that adopted us. She is sitting by the water dish and making funny purr/meow noises like murr-EH. Does anyone have any experience with pregnant cats doing that?
  12. Goat Management
    1) Willow is an almost 8 month old, La Mancha/Mini Alpine with a little bit of Pygmy and Nigerian. Terence, my buck, was 9 weeks old when he came to live at my farm. That was June 28th. He is a presumably a Miniature goat (not sure if that's an actual breed) or a Pygmy, which is what I was told...
1-12 of 12 Results