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  1. Rabbits
    We are thinking about adding meat rabbits to our homestead. I was wondering if any of you have meat rabbits and if so what breed do you prefer? Where do you house them? (pictures would be great) How does the meat taste? And any advice or knowledge that you'd like to share would be welcome.
  2. Other Pets
    My mom has a rabbit that is having issues with moving it's back legs. It's apparently eating and drinking, but will only move the front legs. Any ideas?
  3. Rabbits
    My bun has dandruff inside and outside his ears. None on his body, just his ears... does anyone know what is causing it? :confused:
  4. Other Animals For Sale
    We are expecting another litter on April 24th. They will be pedigreed. The dam is a Chestnut Agouti and the sire is a Broken Gold-Tipped Steel. These babies will be showable. They will all be about 40 dollars, give or take a few. Chestnut Agouti is the most common color so those will be...