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  1. Cookin' Corner
    I want any of your recipes that you make with goat milk! I made yummy caramel yesterday, and I'm hooked! It can be anything that you have tried before! I want to put some of them in my recipe book, to make them when i have some time!
  2. Crafty Cabin
    Hey y'all! I need a goat milk lotion and a goat milk yogurt recipe and yogurt making supplies. But I want yall to know I am going to try to sell these products, so if y'all made this recipe yourself, I am going to have to tweak it a bit so i am not completely making a profit off of your recipe...
  3. Crafty Cabin
    We made butter for our first time last night! We stripped cream from the tops of our gallons of milk every day for a week. Read lots of different recipes and how-to's. :grin: Proceeded to completely do it the "wrong" way by just dumping the cream into a large covered mixing bowl hot out of...
1-3 of 3 Results