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  1. Kidding Koral
    Hi, a long, long night...My queen and the sweetest goat I will ever meet had trouble with her kidding. Her pins disappeared and her mucus plug showed up at 8 pm last night. By 10 pm we had a bubble. She wasn't contracting hard or regularly so I let her wait. No distress as she progressed...
  2. Kidding Koral
    I have a doe that's 1.5-years and am pretty sure she's pregnant. Her sisters delivered healthy single babies on April 8 and June 12 (all are Nubian/Boer mixes) so I assume she was bred and would be due around roughly the same time. However, her udders bagged up in April but then reduced in May...
  3. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hi everyone. :) Happy to have any information you might be willing to share. This is my first year owning goats and we have Nigerian Dwarves and I love it! I have two does and a buck. Three days ago we just had our first group of kids from one doe. We had some weird things happen and I just...
1-3 of 3 Results