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  1. Health & Wellness
    Hi. I noticed my q month goat was scratching her ears a lot. On further inspection I found a lot of flakes and crusty bumps. They are around her ear and inside as well. Any suggestions and how to treat it? She's being bottle fed on whole milk and is currently in the house till the weather breaks...
  2. Goat Management
    I have a 2 yr old wether that I discovered crusty scabby legs on in March. I treated with Boss pour-on and then painted his legs with some sulphur dip from the vet. Smelled a bit like eggs.. Seemed to work and in a week or so he was happy again, lost the hair on his back legs but other than that...
  3. Health & Wellness
    My 6 month year old boer doe has been almost constantly biting and scratching her dewclaw and her teats and the area right behind them between the legs. Any idea what to do because she has her dewclaw bitten down and pink? Also her tail is pointing down constantly and wagging.
1-3 of 3 Results