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  1. Beginners Goat Raising
    We purchased an entire herd of cashmere goats from Virginia and brought them down to Florida. On the way down, the two boys got into some mischief with the girls and 150 days later we had 18 babies. One year later we now have 31 of the only known cashmere goats in Florida. But 31 is a big number...
  2. Barter & Trade
    delete Sorry i need to delete this post but cant figure out how to
  3. Goats For Sale
    We need to sell some bucks. His registered name is Lamancha Acres Bokans Lane. We are sellign him as a special $125 For some pics ect check out this craigslist add.
  4. Goats For Sale
    Lamancha acres Montages Mason He will be 2 in Feburary, won 3 reserve champions and 1 grand champion and best of breed competeing against 2 - 6 yr olds. He is a true power house at a year old and ready and willing to work at your barn. We are located near Modesto California. Need to sell him...