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  1. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hi there! My name is Cindy and I just bought two 9 week old Nigerian Dwarf goats. I am brand spankin' new to having goats, but my husband grew up on a "hobby" farm. We got these guys from a reputable breeder 45min. from us. They are both males and were banded the day we picked them up (Aug...
  2. Health & Wellness
    My five year old Mini Nubian May has suddenly stopped eating. This is the goat that has frequent problems with ketosis (I think - the vet diagnosed it the first time and after that whenever she showed the same symptoms I treated it like ketosis and she got better). I’ve upped her alfalfa and...
  3. Health & Wellness
    I got Chloe on August 18th 2018, bottle fed with another goat, Faith. I'm not 100% on all of the information of the parents or the herd they came from, just that they are from different does but the same buck. Chloe seems to be a Lamancha but may have Nubian in her, Faith is a cross between...
1-3 of 3 Results