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  1. Crafty Cabin
    I've decided to share my goat tallow soap recipe because the batch I made with it is finished curing and I have been using it for a few weeks now and loving it. I've put the recipe in percentages so that you can put it in a lye calculator and adjust it to your mold. 50% Rendered Goat tallow...
  2. Crafty Cabin
    I made my first goats milk soap yesterday. 😊 I had a lot of fun and I think it turned out great! Now I just have to wait four weeks for it to cure! I can't wait to make more! 😃
  3. Personal Creations
    so i was mixing essental oils in styrophome cups today for soap.I mixed lemon and lavender, but when i put the lemon in the lavender, it started to make fizz sound but when i came back, it had eroded the bottom of the cup! I tried both the fragrances in a cup and the lemon is the one that eroded...
  4. Personal Creations
    I have some handmade goat milk soap for sale! They smell amazing and make your skin feel great! The soap is great for your skin making it look healthier and smoother too! If you have skin conditions, acne, or dry sensitive skin goat milk soap is for you! We have many scents available so order...
  5. Dairy Diaries
    Hi! I am possibly getting 2 Lamancha Nubian kids and I am planning on milking one of them. I have a few questions about milking. 1.) Do I have to have a special chilling mixer thing? or can I just strain it? 2.) How can I store it without it tasting "goaty" after 5-6 days? I am going to be...
  6. Dairy Diaries
    Hi everyone! I got into dairy goats a few years ago, and have a herd of 8 Oberhaslis now. Just as I started working towards my dairy certification, I got a truly awesome job working for Etsy. With the extra milk that we did not use (and couldn't sell) I started making soap. Things are...
1-6 of 6 Results