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  1. Dairy Diaries
    Hello, I have a question, What kind of equipment are you using to milk your goats? I think there are multiple ways. Could you please share how do you do it? Thank you Hubirland Homestead
  2. Crafty Cabin
    Hey everybody, Well i finally got it done! Here is the milking stand that my parent's and I made this past weekend(cheers) It doesn't look super great, but hey it works:D Sorry the background is messy in the pics. We had to paint it in my brothers shop that he doesn't use anymore;) The little...
  3. Dairy Diaries
    Our two-year-old Nigerian Dwarf doe gave birth about a month ago. We are relatively new to goat keeping. It is our first time milking and her's as well. Soon after getting her and her sister when they were kids, we built our milking stand and that is where we have fed them every day. We...
  4. Barnyard Bananza
    This is the stand my hubby made for me. Cut the size down to fit my Nigerian dwarfs. Love it, makes everything easier.
  5. Barnyard Bananza
    Here is the size you can make it shorter not as wide or what ever you want with it because its pretty large even for full sized goats. However I love it this way. It is 3ft 6in long, 1 ft 10 inches tall at the standing surface and two feet wide. I have put 500lbs on it and it didn't even...
1-5 of 5 Results