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toxic plants

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  1. Health & Wellness
    In the past, I haven't had an issue with my other goat herds. New goat herd and they are eating Bracken Fern and Horsetail. My Vet says it's toxic to them. I have over 4 acres of pasture/blackberries/browse, and 9 goats (2 adult Alpines, 2 Alpine kids, and 5 mini/cross). I'm in western WA...
  2. Goat Management
    Hi everyone, We (Jerome and Nicole Stevens, and Buddy) are new to the group and wanted to introduce ourselves. We recently acquired our 1st goat (Buddy) about a week ago and we are learning that all the tales of how how rascally they can be are true. He is a very gentle and well mannered buck...
1-2 of 2 Results