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  1. Pack Goat Gear
    This is the halter my family had for years but never used and now we need to use it but I’m not sure how to use it because it doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen. It’s for Pygmy goats. One is a year one is 6 months and one is 7 months.
  2. Pack Goat Training
    We have 3 goats we’re taking with us cross country for our move. One is 7 months one is 8 months and one is a year. They’ve never had a halter or anything on them. We need to get them used to it and be able to get them to cooperate with us by the end of May. We need them trained so that we can...
  3. Show Circuit
    Hi! I have 2 year old who has always been difficult about her back end. You touch anywhere near her tail or back legs and she starts bucking like crazy. I even had the vet out because I thought something was wrong. Nope, just a diva. She is a FF and is due early May. I want to show her in June...
  4. Pack Goat Training
    So I have two Nigerian Dwarfs (Shooting Star + Moonlight). They are both girls, and super sweet! I don't know exactly how old they are, but they are about 6-7 months. They can be really stubborn though, and I want to teach them to walk NICELY with me without stopping every five seconds, and...
  5. Goat Frenzy
    We have a pair of 3-year old female goats (cross between Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmies), bought as pets for my older daughter. The lead goat, Gaby, has increasingly problematic behavior--butting me and my daughters (ages 7 and 13), constantly rearing up in challenge at us, etc. We have covered her...
  6. Beginners Goat Raising
    I'm still pretty new to keeping goats and while I've figured some things out, other things... well, I'm still some degree of clueless. What do you guys do to train your goats not to be aggressive towards people? Mine are usually good, but occasionally someone decides to try for a headbutt for...
  7. Goat Management
    I’ve recently rescued a year old Nubian billy. We’ve done basic training with him (not to try and escape whenever I enter pen, He knows his name when called, not to cross over my path when walking, etc.) but one thing I can seem to figure out how to train him is, when there are treats involved...
  8. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hey, I have 3 nigerian dwarf baby does. They are just over 3 weeks old. Seriously...cutest things I've ever owned (besides my own children). I'm wondering how you train goats though. A lot of their behaviors they currently do can be cute, or just a little annoying. However, I know when they're...
  9. Goat Management
    Hi all, I have two male wether pygmies and I love them to pieces. However, one of them constantly head butts (very hard) on the legs and knees if you dont give him attention. I had been given advice to tug his ear when he does something bad, apparently replicating what an elder goat will do to...
  10. Beginners Goat Raising
    The other day i bought a goat halter for my young little buckling, I have never trained a goat to walk beside me and I want to give it a go:)Is there anybody that could give me some tips and advice on how to train him? Thanks:):);)
  11. Pack and Working Goats
    I have a doe who is 5 yrs old and just now seems to be settling down and really wanting yo hike with me. Is 5 yrs too old to start pack goat training? She is already leash-trained and very bonded to me. She is not very big, so we are talking day hikes and small loads, like lunch and water.
  12. Precious Protectors
    OKay so yesterday my mother and i went to get an LGD on trade, we recieved the pup and she did great when we brought her home, we put her in with our bottle baby, and she licked her and cleaned her tush, and over night only barked a few times, then stopped for the rest of the night however this...
  13. Pack and Working Goats
    Hi! I am looking for resources-- books, websites, advice... To start with training our twin boys. I have lots of dog training experience and plan to use a clicker, but not sure what basics to begin with for behaviours? What is the 'sit, stay, come' of goat training? Right now we are just...
  14. Goat Frenzy
    I have 3 goats. 2 does and a buck. They all share a pasture and haven't really been separated much since we got them. The does are sisters and have only been separated when I'm working with one and not the other. The problem is I have a show in 2 weeks and if I try to work with one doe at a time...
  15. Beginners Goat Raising
    My one-month-old kid keeps jumping and putting her front legs on me. How do I get her to stop? I've been gently kneeing her (like you would a dog) and telling her either no or down, but she keeps doing it. Even mama is starting to paw me. How do I break this habit?
  16. Introductions
    I'm new to the Goat Spot and I'm seeking :book: others who are interested in training goats to pull!
  17. Goat Management
    When Uhura has her kids at the end of the month, I want to start training them to set up and walk ASAP for a good show goat. How soon do you start training it to set up and HOW do you train it to set up? I really want to take one of these babies to the fair.
1-17 of 17 Results