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  1. Dairy Diaries
    Forgive the freak out, but I just discovered that my doe who gave birth to twins two days ago has a horrible case of mastitis. Her udder is mostly lumps and I barely got a half teaspoon of milk out. I tested the milk and sure enough, she has mastitis. She's a two year old Nigora/Pygmy and this...
  2. Goat of the Month
    Hello All, So very happy I found this Goat Spot! New goat owner here....and how do you ask a question, you do not know to ask...other then read, a lot of peoples questions! :) We live in Washington State, 7 acres. Our 7 month old twin Oberhasli wethered goats, did great this past...
  3. Kidding Koral
    In about 6 months, my doe, is going to be bred. For my fellow boer goat owners, how many kids does your doe have every kidding? I have heard that most of the time, boers have twins and triplets. I hope she has triplets, so I have 3 little babies to cuddle :lolgoat:
  4. Newborn Hazel and Franklin

    Newborn Hazel and Franklin

    Newborn Hazel and Franklin
  5. Kidding Koral
    I' new to goats, we have 4 now. 2 girls and 1 boy we bought from a farm. Both girls got pregnant and one had a heathy baby boy 2 weeks ago who is doing great. The other we found last Night had lost twins, they were small and looked underdeveloped. Any ideas on what it could be that caused it...
  6. Introductions
    New to the site and goat ownership. Purchased my first 2 goats on Monday: 6 month old twin sister Pygmy Goats (Fiona & Wynona). Got them to help me clear brush in the backyard, but they've already wrapped me around their hooves. I can already tell that I will be a goat fanatic from here on out...
  7. Goat Management
    Hello Yall!! So today I brought my 2 does to the vet to get ultrasounds. I have one doe pregnant and the other was bred successfully about 2 weeks ago but not showing yet. Anyways for the pregnant doe, it will be her first time kidding and we are expecting twins!!! The vet estimated her about 55...
  8. Birth Announcements
    What is a better way to introduce myself than to introduce my goats first? My parents, sister, and I raise Commercial Boer goats for 4H, FFA and other small family farms. Yesterday Susie Q had twins, a buckling and a doeling. Quincy (boy) is a chocolate paint, Harlequin (girl) is some odd tan...