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  1. Waiting Room
    I didn’t realize how much she had grown in the past 11 days until I did a side by side, but still is this swelling the end or will it get bigger? Udders look huge when I google them but they’re all usually dairy goat breeds and she is a meat a boer/fainting and I can’t tell if their udders are...
  2. Dairy Diaries
    Hi All - So I have been a goat fanatic for awhile (guilty, sorry husband) and am now am beginning to get more into milk and milking genetics, milk testing and etc. I was wondering if you all had any tips and tricks for maximizing udder growth and potential? In the past we have always had dam...
  3. Waiting Room
    My third or fourth freshener, Half-Pint, is due around February 28 or early March, but that's just a guess, it could be earlier or later. For the past few days I have noticed that her udder is getting huge and her teats look like they are going to explode. Do you think she will go into labor...
1-3 of 3 Results