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  1. Kidding Koral
    Waiting for my girl to start labour now! Suki is due on April 11th, but I have a really funny feeling she won’t wait that long. Her sister is due 16th, but she’s gonna keep me waiting I think. Basing this on nothing whatsoever, as I have never done this before, and neither have they! Loving...
  2. Waiting Room
    Here are some pics of remedy today. Shes getting really close.
  3. Waiting Room
    Forgive my horrible finger getting in the way haha. Remedy is getting closer, and closer, and i am getting more and more antsy! She has started separating herself from the herd, and is grooming herself like mad. She is even letting me love on her, which she never does.
  4. Waiting Room
    My doe is due end of Feb beginning of March, and I can't wait!!! Lets play a guessing game, how many kids do you think she will have!?
  5. Waiting Room
    Our pretty Daphne has been playing tricks on us for a week now. She's been pawing, she bagged up 2 weeks ago(it's her first time kidding), she is restless, her personality has changed, she talks to her babies, licks at her sides, and even had some mucus one night this weekend, and still NOTHING...
  6. Dairy Diaries
    I've got a doe that will be a FF this year, her udder first became VISIBLE from far back about 2 weeks ago, so I'd say she's been building it for 3 weeks. By my estimated duedate for her, she should be due in about 2 weeks (150days)..but could be as many as 6 weeks out. She's not "poochy" in her...
1-6 of 6 Results