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  1. Waiting Room
    Hello everybody! I can't wait any longer! Hopefully this isn't too early to make my waiting thread, but I'm doing it because I can't possibly wait any more for my first kids to be born!:crazy: For those who don't know, I have two registered kinder does, Belladonna (we just call her Bella and...
  2. Kidding Koral
    Why would baby goats not be moving? I've heard they could be getting into position, but are there other reasons?
  3. Waiting Room
    Forgive my horrible finger getting in the way haha. Remedy is getting closer, and closer, and i am getting more and more antsy! She has started separating herself from the herd, and is grooming herself like mad. She is even letting me love on her, which she never does.
  4. Parasites
    We just treated our does with Valbazen. How long should we wait before letting Buck into pasture with them? None were pregnant when treated, but is there a waiting period, since this dewormer isn't safe for pregnancy?
  5. Waiting Room
    Groovy Grunders' Farm is waiting on 4 (presumably) pregnant does. First up is our oldest doe, Annika. She's almost 8. This will be her 6th pregnancy and her 5th kidding. Last year she got bullied and rammed and sadly, miscarried. This year, she's still low goat on the totem pole, but she...
  6. Waiting Room
    Our pretty Daphne has been playing tricks on us for a week now. She's been pawing, she bagged up 2 weeks ago(it's her first time kidding), she is restless, her personality has changed, she talks to her babies, licks at her sides, and even had some mucus one night this weekend, and still NOTHING...
  7. Waiting Room
    Hello again everyone! You all probably remember Merlot FF N. Dwarf Cross. She is doing great with baby! I have another doe due in 2 weeks! Paisley is a 3/4 Alpine and 1/4 Nigerian Dwarf. White with hazel eyes. Was ultrasounded December 10 2016 and the vet just saw one baby. Her udder is...
  8. Waiting Room
    I've been trying to look this up, but I'm hoping for maybe something more specific. I have three, possibly four, girls waiting to kid. The one that is questionable is who my questions are about. Garnet is a Pygmy/ND mix. She is 13 months old. She has been exposed to two different males for...
  9. Waiting Room
    Hello, I am typing this in such excitement. My 3 yo 2nd freshener oberhasli doe is due to kid in about 6 days (march 9):leap:!!!!!! Do you think she is almost ready?? I cannot wait!! I gathered my birthing kit and shaved her backside already. I am checking her ligaments, udder, and vulva...
  10. Kidding Koral
    Ok, first time waiting on kidding... and naturally we have no clue when ours are due. We started seeing udders in December, and now we just have massive pregnant goats. I've seen pictures of udders that other people have posted where the udders are just bulging, our have never been like that, so...
  11. Waiting Room
    I went out this morning and fed up and I checked my does and everything was the same I went back out just now and noticed that one doe had sticky stuff on her tail and I checked her ligs and they almost completely gone had to really concentrate to feel them because they are so faint so my...
1-11 of 11 Results