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  1. Goats For Sale
    I'm located in Maryland, but I'm looking for anyone in Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, or Southern Pennsylvania that has two pygmy wether kids for sale. I currently have two pygmy wethers and am looking to get them new friends. Thanks! EDIT: I'm not sure how to delete this post, but I've...
  2. Goats For Sale
    Hello- I'm new to the goat forum and looking for a few pet goats to clear odd stuff off my pasture that the horses dont eat and do fence lines. I also would like to use the goats for herding with my dogs and possible herding classes in the future. (Thats why I'm looking for natural polled...
  3. Goats For Sale
    I would like to buy Nubian doelings. Young registered (up to 3 years) or kids. We are at the very begining of building a dairy and are planning to breed and begin milking next year. We do raise a mixed bag of goats because we enjoy them so much but are going to switch over to Nubians. We will...
  4. Goats For Sale
    We have an absolutely beautiful new Alpine doeling (Thank You to Holy Mountain Farm) who is living in the house currently. All our kids were early February babies and a little too old to be her playmates. While little miss is content being with her human family we are desperately trying to...
  5. Fuzzy Fibers
    I am looking for a white angora goat. We currently have two colored angoras, and wanted to add a young (even newborn) doe or a wether. We are in Missouri in the Saint Louis region. We are willing to travel within 250-300 miles to get one. Does anyone know of any available? Thanks
  6. Barter & Trade
    delete Sorry i need to delete this post but cant figure out how to
  7. Goats For Sale
    We are looking for a pair of does (doelings or yearlings or adults) to add to our backyard family farm for milking purposes. We are interested in smaller breeds because of our limited space and so that our children can easily handle them. Nigerian dwarf does, mini dairy crosses, mini obers...
  8. Goats For Sale
    We want a buck/buckling: Mini Pine Mini Alpine MiniPine trade or purchase
1-8 of 8 Results