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  1. Beginners Goat Raising
    We are about to have a huge temperature change going into Friday. Tomorrow's high is 62 and on Friday the high will be 38. I know that big temp changes can be rough on goats. None of my girls are pregnant so I won't have to worry about that. I will give everyone a load of fresh straw to bed...
  2. Beginners Goat Raising
    Hello. This is my first experience owning goats. I've had my Pygmy/Dwarf crosses since March of this year at 9wks. I always used to put them in their barn at night, but in the summer months I started leaving the door open to the penned in yard. Helped me from the excessive cleaning morning...
  3. Health & Wellness
    I have one show Boer doe that started to grow fuzzy, curly, and almost wool like type of hair on her neck. She has not lost any hair, it just changed texture. She was moved from a stable, 75 degree climate to a fluctuating climate that ranges from 75 degrees midday to below freezing at night...
1-3 of 3 Results