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  1. Health & Wellness
    I have a 3 week old boer buckling who I rescued when he was almost 2 weeks old, we took him I the vet this past Friday and the vet said he had WMD (White Muscle Disease) and gave him two shots and sent an antibiotic (Sulfatrim) home with me to give him twice a day, I feed him 2oz goats milk and...
  2. Kidding Koral
    I am stuck waiting for the road to thaw I bite my nails wondering WHAT HAPPENED?!! Last Wednesday night I had 2 goats kid (both new mommas)...4 kids total, 2 dead-presumably at birth-their mommas didn't even clean them up. Saturday 5 more babies were born-3 dead (one an experienced...
1-2 of 2 Results