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    I wanted to share this with everyone, because I greatly respect the amount of honesty and the quality of this breeder. Therefore I wanted all of you to know what happened incase any of you are looking for a reputable Nigerian Dwarf breeder to purchase from, so here it goes...

    As most all of you know, I have been wanting a kid from Tina (Laurel_Haven) for quite some time now. Well a few months ago I got the chance! I was MORE than excited (as I am sure all you could tell). He was a little Buckling she had born out of one of her top breedings for this kidding season. He was one of triplets though and therefore was a little on the small side. For this reason Tina lowered the price on him (lower than what she would usually sell a Buck with his pedigree for), but still allowed me to purchase him as a Buck because of him form and breeding and we both thought he would hit a growth spirt (since he IS one of triplets) within the next couple of months. So I placed my deposit and named him Draco.

    I was supposed to pick him up next weekend, and was just getting ready to email Tina about getting him, when I received an email from her. She explained to me that he really hadn't grown like she thought he would, and that after evaluating him now that she thought he would be better suited as a wether. She offered me a refund on my deposit or the opportunity to transfer the refund to one of the Does she has for sale, but told me that he just really didn't meet up to her standards for a Buck.

    I cannot express to you the amount of gratitude and respect that I had for Tina after reading that email. Here I am, a girl that doesn't know alot about confirmation and am still learning about the pedigrees, and here is a breeder who has my deposit and has been holding this Buckling for a couple of months for me... She could have SO EASILY just not said anything to me and I would have been none the wiser. And I will tell you now, that that is what ALOT of breeders would have done... they would have justified it by saying they spoke with me when I placed the deposit saying that "he is small but we think he will mature nicely" and wouldn't have batted an eye about letting me take him as a Buck. But Tina didn't do that. She was actually apologizing to ME! and was happy I understood!

    So I wanted all of you to know what a wonderful, honest breeder Tina is incase you are ever looking to purchase a kid from her! I still plan on having my Laurel Haven kid, and am hoping to get it out of WarPaint (I am also hoping to be able to get 2 kids from her at that time!). She works really hard to keep her animals in tip top shape, and she is #1 in my book!

    I have started a links page on my website (http://www.hollowbeadranch.com/links.htm), and am fixing to add a Breeders Links section to it (actually going to work on that now). Breeders listed in that section will be breeders I have either purchased from, or breeders that I know personally and approve of their breeding program. Tina (http://www.LaurelHaven.net) will be listed in this Breeders section! :wink:

    Thank you again Tina :hug: and thank you for giving me permission to post about this :hug: I have NO WHERE NEAR given you the praise you deserve with this post, but I do hope that people read it and keep your farm in mind :hi5:
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    Great job being honest Tina!! great breeders do that :wink:
    great breeders know what the standards are and what they are capable of producing...a great breeder is honest. :greengrin:

  3. alyssa_romine

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    WOW! She is a great example of an ethical breeder and she has set a standard that ALL breeders should follow! We need more breeders like her!! :clap: :applaud:
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    Thats great! :thumbup:
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    Brandi, I am so glad you posted that!

    I'm sure there are breeders just like Tina out there, but sadly too few of them that get recognized for honesty, integrity as well as moral and standards.
    :hug: To Laurel Haven for being one of those ethical breeders! :applaud:
  6. HollowbeadRanch

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    Thanks everyone for reading this! :greengrin: Tina really is an awesome breeder!
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    Thanks for sharing this Hollowbead, we need more Tinas :love: ! Someone who knows what they are doing and wants only the best for their customers! What a blessing, it warmed my heart.
  8. RowdyKidz

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    That's great! I would've done the same thing if I was in her place! :thumb:
  9. toth boer goats

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    That is so cool..... :wink: :greengrin:
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    Thats great!! :leap: I'm so glad that she is a reliable breeder!! :love: :greengrin:
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    It's so easy to complain, but to take the time to compliment and honestly share something that can help others is a good thing! :wink:
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    I really appreciate what she did not only for you but for the breed in particular. A buck that's not quite up to par can end up fathering dozens of below-par offspring; the offspring can continue to procreate and leaves us all with fewer outstanding, high quality choices.

    Being a top breeder of anything takes expertise and I am glad to know that there are good breeders in the Nigerian Dwarf community. That's why I won't sell an intact male and only want my does to go as family milkers or pets. I don't have the expertise to know what genetics are worth being passed on and am not interested in spending the tremendous amount of time and energy it takes to become an expert in these matters (although I do think my goats and their babies are absolutely perfect!)