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1 week old doe, never got colostrum, going downhill...

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Had her for 6 days on formula. She is not doing well on formula. Has diarrhea and is grinding teeth. Need to know what to do asap! She also seems cold. Can I put a heat lamp near her?

She also pooped blood earlier today
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IMO kids who don't receive colostrum should get 6cc. C&D anti-toxin every 2 weeks until they are old enough for their first vaccine at 6 weeks old.

This kid needs taken off the formula ASAP and put on Pedialyte or Cathy's electrolyte mix, put a pinch of soda in it for her tummy. Leave her on this for at least 12 hours, then start her on very small amounts of whole cows milk from the store.
She must also be gotten warm anyway you an get her there. She must keep her temperature up.
Everything Goathiker said! Most powdered milk replacers are junk and have killed a lot of goats. Once she is doing better, just give her whole cow's milk.
I ditto that....Off milk 12-24 hours..electros only
cd antitoxin
once she is doing well...whole cows milk only...according to her weight
weigh baby
multiply that by 16 to get the weight in oz
multiply that by 10% to see how much milk per day is needed
divide that by 4 feedings

this same amount is good for the electrolytes

Homemade Electrolytes

A half gallon of hot water
2-6 Tablespoons of Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses
1-2 Tablespoons of Either Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda or Table Salt.
1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix well and drench or let them drink it.
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Cathy where do you get the unsulphered molasses?
Look for Plantation Blackstrap Molasses. Sometimes your grocery store will have it. I buy mine at a bulk food store.
I use raw honey for the same recipe. It's readily available to me from the bees next door.
or any molasses will do...I like the offers more nutrients..but any will do : )
Health food stores carry the blackstrap
any news?
I haven't heard as of today. But last night she seemed to be doing better. I gave her some of my frozen goat milk but it won't last long so they are going to slowly switch her to whole cows milk.
I've successfully raised kids who didn't get colostrum, so that is not a death sentence. Depending on the milk replacer, that could be the problem. I use Sav-A-Calf goat milk replacer with great success when I had an off season kid or had one dumped on me by their owner.

Baking soda is very important to get into her. I use Deliver scour treatment when I get a scouring kid. That stuff works great and it replaces the milk in the diet for 48 hours.
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