1 week old kids

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    Apr 24, 2017
    I have 2 nubien does (Lo and Mocha) and Mocha had 2 kids and when I found them ( hour or two after birth) they were dead . Not sure if stillborn or she didn't get the sack off . The other doe had twins as well and they are doing fine . Both are first time moms. Lo's bag seems knotty and hard all the time and I t seems that the kids have a hard time getting milk. They drink very frequently for very short periods although LO doesn't let them drink long before she walks away. Mocha is in the same pen and I have noticed the kids also drinking off of her periodically since she still has lots of milk since we have been milking her. Is this normal For kids to drink off two moms?
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    If the moms will permit it, it is ok. The one with the hard udder should be milked out, that is probably why the kids are going to the easy udder. Lo may get mastitis if her udder stays hard. It also may hurt when they nurse.

    The moms will only let the kids eat small amounts, but they are actually eating more than you would think!

    Sorry you lost 2 kids. I just lost one myself. Only the nose was covered with the sack. Poor thing.

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    Apr 24, 2017
    Thanks - so far Lonos allowing it and I've tried to milk her out and it's so hard to get anything out . It feels very different than the other goats bag which is clearly full and gets softer as we milk. Lo"s bag feels like it's full of golf balls. It's strange - we will keep trying to milk it out . After they eat on the other one who had the lost babies their tummies are definitely full which is. Or the case when they eat off their mother. Sorry you lost a kid too. She was not showing any signs of labor so I put her outside and went to run an errand and came home and she had them in a little hidden spot. Very sad.
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    Had she been tested for CAE?
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    You can test her milk for mastitis at home, to catch it before she gets really sick. There's a store bought test, or some folks here use dish soap or something. It might ease your mind to be able to monitor her, what with the lumpiness.
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    Apr 24, 2017
    Neither have been tested for cae although we have had them since they were babies and they haven't been around any other goats until they got bred by a buck that had been tested .
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    They would get CAE from the milk from their mother.