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The Vat Pasteurizer / Jaybee Precision
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We are currently offering a sale of 10% off list price on our 15 and 30 gallon pasteurizers. This sale will end on September 30th. We offer a lease to own program as well as financing up to 100%.

Please visit us at and call us at 800-236-3956 for more information.

The Vat is perfect for pasteurization of milk, juices, etc, processing cheeses, producing yogurts, and pasteurizing ice cream and gelato mixes.

JayBee Precision/Northwestern Tools has manufactured these fully approved pasteurizers for over 20 years! Our products have a full 1 year warranty, and we have a technician available 24-7.

We also have small chiller/holding tanks, cheese presses, butter churns, cream separators and other products available.
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