100% ABGA Reg. Boer Buckling, 18 Ennoblements in Pedigree!!

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    Jan 7, 2008
    North Alabama
    DRYCO HAMLET for Sale. 18 ENNOBLEMENTS in his pedigree!
    Fullblood 100% Registered with ABGA and IBGA Boer buckling.
    Ready to Breed your does this Fall. Perfect Boer Herdsire for your Fullblood or Percentage does. He will really put a nice pedigree on anything he sires.
    You'll go a long way before you find a genetics package like the one on this little buckling. His Daddy is ASH CREEK DER GUNNER, a Gauge son, and has 55 ABGA points.... and his Mommy is DER BO HEIDI, a Bo Howdy daughter. Bo Howdy is now deceased.
    Hamlet was born March 6, 2008 and will be available in June. His Pedigree is full of Ennobled animals including Bo Howdy, Gauge, War Paint, Remington, Magnum, Top Brass, Agnews Trust n Luck...and more. He is traditional colored white with that "Gauge influenced" dark Mahogany head. He has REALLY nice Bone structure and mass.
    Payment arrangements can be made if you need it.
    We are in Northern Alabama
    Email for price and Info
    Here he is at 3 hours old